CV Review Client Feedback


Client 1 (Level 3 Review)

Dawn gave me good suggestions on how to find my core qualities and talents. She advised me on how to profile myself and how to tailor my personal documents to suit the position I was applying for. She guided me to find my way without pushing her opinions and this gave me confidence in my own abilities.

Client 2 (Level 2 Review)

I thought your suggestions on the letter were really very helpful. The review did not completely change the letter or the meaning but it just got a lot more professional and I feel more confident.
On the CV I think the comments on the profile were helpful. You clearly offer added value as a native speaker (and in my case knowledge of the industry and company).
The suggestions on how to fix an issue in Word, your friendly tone and encouragement are also very helpful for anyone struggling a bit.

Client 3 (Level 1 Review)

After working on my CV for a while I had become blind to remaining mistakes, so I really appreciated a native English speaker giving it as final review.   As well as picking up on smaller details, Dawn made useful suggestions to adjust wording to make my resume stronger.   I appreciated her quick turnaround time and she delivered her feedback even faster than promised.

Client 4 (Level 1 Review)

Thank you very much. The motivational letter reads more fluently and has become more persuasive. You just helped me put in better words what I wanted to say. As you deliver such excellent work, please review my CV too.

Client 5 (Level 1 Review)

Thank you very much for the excellent review and proofread of my CV and motivational letter! Besides looking at the content of my documents you gave practical hints and advice regarding layout and the application process itself. Therefore, I will recommend you to colleagues and friends who need support with their application.

Client 6 (Level 1 Review)

I am recently on the market again looking for a job and realised that it all starts with a good CV. 
My level of English is far above average but writing a good CV that makes a good impression on the recruiters is yet another level. 
I realised that I needed help from a native speaker that just knows:
- how to feel the nuances by using the right words to portray the correct image 
- how to use slightly more sophisticated words and beter construction of sentence 
that will improve the quality of your CV.
Using Dawn’s service all of my expectations were met with quick turnaround times and with additional advice on the formatting.