Curriculum Vitae Review

Is your CV working for you?


The first priority in getting a new job is being invited for an interview in the first place. Recruiters generally have to look at many CVs before selecting the interview candidates. You need to make sure yours is attractive, concise and informative, tailored to the job you are applying for and of course, error free.


We can also offer the opportunity to practice answering interview questions. Ask for details.


CV Review

3 levels of review:


Level 1 CV Review

A fresh set of eyes to do a final check of your CV, checking for inconsistencies, spelling errors and formatting issues. Suggestions on wording. Letter of application can be included.


Level 2 CV Review

As well as the Level 1 Review, you will receive as necessary, help with writing your profile, suggestions on template and layout, content etc.


Level 3 CV Review

This level of review is intended for people who have little experience with writing a CV and elements can be selected from the following as required.

  • 1.5 hour (preferably face to face) consultancy covering:

    • CV design, layout and content

    • What to include and what to leave out

    • Tailoring your CV for a specific vacancy

    • Tips on making the most of your experience and skills

    • Advice on profile, photo and general presentation

  • A document with general tips

  • Follow up reviews by email


Send me your current CV (and letter, if applicable) and you will receive an obligation-free quote based on the level of review required.


Why me?

Having worked for 5 years as a hiring manager, I have reviewed many CVs and know from personal experience what attracts or puts off a recruiter.

Since then I have helped many employees, colleagues and friends to improve their CV, ensuring that it reflects their skills and character and is tailored to fit the job being applied for.

Having a proofreader's eye, I am good at finding errors, inconsistencies and formatting issues. 

As a native English speaker, I am able to give the document a level of polish that can help it to rise out of the CV pile.