Copyediting Services

Whatever your document is, you want it to be accurate, concise and easy to read. As a native English speaker with years of experience reviewing documents for work, colleagues and friends, I will review your English language documentation and provide a fresh set of eyes to catch the small details you can miss through over-familiarity. Together we can make your documents shine.

Document Review consists of: 

  • spelling and grammar
  • English usage
  • inconsistencies in content and style
  • readability & flow
  • layout
  • use of a specified style book or template (when applicable)
  • correctly annotated links, footnotes etc
  • etc


Type of Documents:

  • website content
  • academic papers, theses, proposals

  • reports
  • marketing materials, flyers, advertisements etc
  • presentations
  • training materials
  • books
  • etc


Send an email with details of the document type and wordcount to: for an obligation-free quote.