Do you need a Copyeditor?

Published on 1 March 2019 at 17:57

Whatever your document is, website content, advertising material, a proposal, or report, it is always worth having your document reviewed by a second person. It is hard to review your own work as your eyes skip over the errors because of over-familiarity and you may be blind to your style issues such as overusing a particular word. This becomes even more important if English is not your first language.

You are the subject matter expert, once you have done your work; why not leave the final editing to a professional editor.

What does a Copyeditor do?

Provides a fresh pair of eyes

Everyone knows that a final read through is important, but it is very difficult to review your own work. You tend to see what you think is there. A Copyeditor can find and correct misspellings, misplaced punctuation, inconsistent terms or abbreviations and notice when you have overused a word in your text.

Checks the document against the goals

Is the document concise and targeted to its purpose? Can it be shortened? Does every word work for you? 

Saves time and frustration

You have done your job, you got the document written, now you can leave your document in the hands of a professional who will do the final checks and editing. The Copyeditor will check the correct and consistent use of formatting, and if the document follows the template or style book requirements, when appropriate. This will let you get back to more productive work.

Helps you improve your own language skills

Whether or not English is your second language, reviewing the corrections made by a Copyeditor can help you improve your own writing style and alert you to some of the errors or style issues that you make frequently.

Helps you produce a well written document that reflects your professionalism

The Copyeditor ensures that the style is consistent, which can be an issue especially if the document was written or edited by multiple people. A well-crafted document can help raise your profile or that of your company, and also increases the chance of a positive reception.

What does a Copyeditor review?

Anything! Any document written in English can be reviewed in the same way, website content, advertising content, academic articles, proposals, reports etc.


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